Winter fiddling

Still had quite a lot of enthusiasm after the F2 scared me shitless at Tamworth, so have been steadily working away on a few things.

First of all, i finally got around to weighing it… 202kg was the result. My spreadsheet said 181kg but i hadn’t updated it for a good 6 months. Frankly I cant believe how fast it goes for that hopefully we can remove a good 10kg for next season (although there are still some major repairs to do on the hull).

Also I bought a spare engine to tinker with, I plan to remove a lot of heavy bits and chip it. I bought the second one i looked at, in spite of the fact it had apparently been stored in a ditch, it did have decent compression. Hopefully i wont need to buy expensive bits to make it run sweet, will be running it in the next few weeks.

Also the craft is being gradually taken apart for repairs and painting the hull.

The main focus over the winter is to build and test the new fan blades. They have the biggest potential to make the F2 quicker, with anything from 5-20% gains in thrust estimated if they dont break!

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