WHC 2016- Tamworth- July 24-29

Wasn’t what I was hoping for, but an experience to learn from…

I’m writing this post a few months after the fact, mainly because I’ve been concentrating on sorting my broken ankle, and generally being too pissed off with hovercraft after all this seasons effort.

The F2 field was big and competitive, all 21 machines had at least 120Hp, and the racing was really tough. I went into the event looking for a win, as any racer would, but realistically my aim was to get into the top 10 for my first F2 world champs.

You can see how close the field was from the qualifying results, the top 10 within 4 seconds! I was annoyed at missing the front row by a 0.3 seconds, but still happy with 7th considering who was behind me. (Not to mention surviving a near death experience when the craft reared up past vertical and only came back down when the top of the duct hit the water…)

From there on, the event went downhill, in race 1, I lost places at the start, but was making ground when i got barged out of the way at one corner, pushing me back to finish 13th. In race 2 it was more of the same, getting caught up in massive pile-ups at the start, finishing 11th.

In the 3rd race, I went wide on the inside at the start to miss the carnage, but a wayward Eurocraft speared sideways and did the Pit maneuver on me. This caused my craft to roll over sideways, I fell into the craft next to me, and bounced back into mine in one fluid movement. This took out half of the thrust blades when my duct hit his (first time any blades have broken in this craft). Having scored no points in this race, any prospects of getting in the top 10 were remote, but we got the spanners out and rushed to have the craft repaired by the next race in 1.5hours. This was also the first time I had to replace the thrust belt, which had shredded most of the teeth off when the blades jammed against a stator. Thanks to Dave who arrived at the perfect time to help, we were ready to go out for race 4 in good time when there was a red flag due to Kev’s crash (where I finally got a decent start). Due to the time, we had to re-run race 4 on Sunday.

In the first lap, I got a decent start, then I flipped violently at the end of the water straight, without anyone involved. While exiting the craft, as I have done 4 times this season, I caught my foot in the handlebars and broke my ankle in 3 places, as well as dislocating my shoulder, bruising my ribs and getting a black eye. Tits! And thats where my 2016 season ended!

Crash occurs at 0:48 in this video:

The craft ended up floating the right way up, and could have been repaired for the last race, but i was wrecked. Thanks to everyone who helped sort out my car and trailer and all who visited me in hospital. My girlfriend, parents and housemates especially for putting up with me for the weeks i was out of action.

I’ll be back…

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