What are the requirements for a racing hovercraft thrust system?


1. Produce loads of thrust, especially at lower speeds ie 0-40mph

2. Stable performance at high duct angles of attack- ie when the craft is travelling sideways, or even backwards!

3.The thrust system should be designed to cancel out most of the swirl with stators or similar: to cancel any torque acting on the craft itself

4.Good performance in dirty enviroments- ie water spray, mud and sand are all unavoidable in racing. No poncy laminar flow sections.

(If you think the ride looks pretty smooth from the second video you are wrong! Fast forward to 2:52 and you can see Marcus racing in spray and bumping around in mid-field)


1.Guarding: should not be able to accidently cut arms off on blades. Duct must contain fan blade failure in a crash. (See racing hovercraft regulations)

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