Towcester 22-23rd Sept Last event of 2013

Great racing on the Saturday but overshadowed by my team mate Toby dislocating his shoulder on the last day of the season.This weekend we planned to do 3 races per session- one each for Toby and I, and also the novice races for Toby’s girlfriend Hannah.

We managed 5 races on Saturday (missing one due to engine mounting bolts shearing off). I managed 3rd in a 503 race that was complete carnage and Hannah managed to finish her first 2 races without incident.

After racing on Saturday we took the engine out and drilled through the 2 sheared (out of 6) engine mounting bolts. After fitting a plate underneath the craft we ended up with all 6 bolts again, which a better feeling especially on a course with lots of bumps and jumps.

On Sunday Hannah finished the first novice race, still driving pretty smoothly and not over correcting in corners as novices tend to do.  The 503 race is straight after novices we have to do a pitstop style refuel and changeover to get Toby on the grid for the 503. Toby was driving great the first few laps of the race, battling with Darren and posting quick times only a second off mine on a 80 sec lap. But one lap he didnt come around the hill so we knew something was up. It turned out he hap flipped the craft spectacularly going into the chicane at the end of the main straight.

Apparently the craft scooped itself up in the air on its side and chucked Toby on the floor on his left shoulder, dislocating it. On this corner the craft is always trying to lift on its side going into the corner  so you have to get your weight on the outside of the corner, but it sounds like he was trying to correct his line slightly just as this was happening, and it can get away from you very quickly in this sort of situation (as i found out the first time i drove one of my hulls in 2008-scroll down to Gang Warily)  where i also dislocated my shoulder… There was some damage to the craft including a few cracks in the hull and broken blades, but it could have been repaired for the final session of races. There wasn’t much point in the end because it wasn’t like we were competing for places in any championships- better to properly repair the craft back at the workshop, the priority was fixing Toby since he was meant to be on a flight back upto the rigs at 7 in the morning.

Anyway this brings the first season of the 503 Peril to an end, with hopefully a few more to come, but mainly with Toby racing it since my new F2 will hopefully be ready. In its first season it completed 49 races, probably more than my Yellow one ever did while i raced it! As well as its considerable mileage, it has been great fun to drive which is the point after all! Thanks to all in the HCGB especially racers in F50, F2 and Open for an awesome seas0n!

Thanks to Clive, Claire and Rebecca for the great pictures

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    Great read , Thanks for sharing it 🙂
    All this best for this year

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