Towcester- 22-23rd July 2017

Totally new course shook things up, but still got 2nd for the weekend.

I was a little disappointed at loosing the fast straight and massive jump at the end of the water, but the new tighter layout was a new challenge. It was tricky to link together the corners on this smaller track especially the tight hairpin at the end of the straight which was off camber and easy to get wrong.

In all 4 races i got 2nd place, beaten eat time by Ricky. (My friends are starting to call me Bianca since i keep getting beaten by Ricky…) The racing wasn’t as boring as the results sound, I had George almost have me in race 1, had to regain 2nd from Les in another one after i span on the hairpin, and was in front of Ricky off a few starts (even though i couldn’t make it stick longer than a few corners).

The craft ran well apart from blades starting to move them-selves around in their hub- its the same one used for the life of the craft so it must be getting on a bit. Maybe time to move onto a new fan, perhaps wingfan blades. It was very obvious when they moved, since you could hear the rough fan stall noise and the engine was unable to spin upto its sweet spot, i found i could twist them back by hand easily…

Otherwise the craft was running great and only really popped a few skirts off. Looking forward to Gang Warily.

Thanks again for Rebecca and Tim for the great pictures!





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