The 3D Printing Revolution

3D printing could be yet another death knell for high street shops, according to many wild claims by journos with nothing else to write about; dailymail. Soon every house will have a printer so you can just print out a new knife or frying pan. After messing around with it for a few years I am qualified to say ‘bollocks’.

At work we have dabbled in metal 3D printing, which at its current cost wont be hitting Tescos for a good 10 years. But how about the current wave of plastic printers? Ive been finding some amazing uses for it for hovercraft building (the purpose of this blog right!?!) but will the scanner/ printer from PC world have a 3D printing part in 5 years? Hmmmm

Anyway back to hovercraft building, here are a few parts I have tried to print with varying degrees of success:

Waterpump blanking piece on engine:

Result: oil weeps through no matter how thick, better off just using a proper material like aluminium!

Direct tooling for composite v-belt pulley:

Results: probably easier to just make the proper 2 part fibreglass tools! But came out reasonably round.

Non-structural cones and fairings for various bits:

This is what it it good for!

But it is fun to set the printer of as you leave for work, and then spend the day wondering what it will look like when you get back…

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