Tamworth April 2016

First event of the season, 3rd overall.Craft felt good in all 3 races with 3rd, 3rd and 2nd place finishes. Overall the machine is great, I just need more time in the seat to get to grips with it!

The tuned engine must be working as it was revving much higher than the standard had managed, up from 13k to 14250RPM. Wierdly it has quite low compression at only 130PSI per pot, the much cheaper standard engine i bought was more like 150 and the Foster engine is about 140. Over the weekend the lift and thrust blades were pitched up to try and reign this in a bit. The power commander and autotune seems to be doing its thing but wether the improvement is really a step change its difficult to know. Maybe next time i will try switching between the custom and standard maps.

In the last race I had a great start and Kev stalled on the line. I was neck and neck with Dan upto the first bouy but he pulled away from there. Kev was catching up towards the end of the race but I held onto second for this last race.

It was a good result but the Eurocraft of Ricky and George are looking really quick when they get their reliability issues ironed out- the plan is to get these new fan blades built…

Photo credits to Tim and Rebecca

Photo credits to Tim and Rebecca

Photo credits to Tim and Rebecca

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