Shiny metal bits for the F2

Finally sick of carbon dust so time to get back to good old predicable steel!

Just received a load of machined parts from Ken which are looking good:

Having a 70kg lump of an engine that i want to put close to the centre of the craft poses a few transmission problems. How to get 500 metric torques to the thrust fan, and approx 30 horses to the lift? I had a tantrum about the engine being so high up so i got a fancy sump and decided i wouldnt use a propshaft for the lift, but instead use an american style V-belt set-up… Also because i want to test the new fan design at different speeds I want to take advantage of the GSXR gearbox instead of taking power directly off the clutch- so i will be using the sprocket output.

So heres how im trying to take the torques out of the engine.

And a few pics of other progress, i gotta get my ass in gear and remember how to weld since the last time was now over 2 years ago for the 503 Peril.

Can you tell where these go?

Then i forgot about how itchy fibreglassing was and made some cool carbon fibre rudders:

Then I decided welding was more fun.

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