Shaft drive vs belt drive

A lot of people ask why i went for belt driven lift on the pintail, so here is why and why not.

The main reason i first went for the belt was:

  1. To reduce the height of the hefty GSXR engine, without a shaft underneath, and a racing sump it can be lowered by about 100mm.
  2. Secondly I thought i could get away with a lighter system overall.
  3. Thirdly, it meant i could put the fuel tank where its meant to be- under the driver at the centre of mass, without a shaft running through it.

After building the Pintail and spending a year developing the belt driven lift system, I now know how to make it work if i did it again, but my next craft will be a shaft drive mainly from a reliability and maintenance point of view!

It turned out with all the extra idler pulleys and tensioning devices, the belt drive system worked out approximately the same weight as a shaft drive at bang on 5kg.

PICs of all the components.

The main compromise on the pintail belt drive system was the drive pulley diameter, which was restricted to the size of the motorbike sprocket. The 100mm diameter pulley is too small for a B type vee-belt operating overloaded, so i wear them out after approx 10 races. If i built the same system with a larger pulley diameter, it would no doubt work just as reliably as the American cruising craft like the Sevtec and UH type.

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