Round 4- Claydon House

Last year at Claydon house it was the craft’s first outing, this year we came away with our best result ever- 2nd overall and the first race win!


It was borderline whether or not i would be racing at this event due to my elbow so i was sitting on the grid of the first race planning to sit at the back of the pack and go slowly. The arm had felt fine in practice, although i was finding the course very tough- i couldnt get the rhythm on the bumpy land sections and i was on the edge at a lot of the corners. But as the lights went i got a good start and was in the thick of it! In 6th for a few laps and gradually moved into 4th place. I exchanged knocks with Phil Hall and got into 3rd, and eventually 2nd after coming off well going through traffic.

The next two races were also great fun with plenty of jostling for positions and in some places due to luck and some craft advantage i managed to end up 2nd in both races. It was looking like craft with a shaft driven lift fan (shafties) had the advantage here as they can take long sweeping corners faster. The Venom craft which have 1 fan for lift and thrust are lighter but didnt seem to have the edge here.


In the last race i got a great start straight into 1st place and for the first few laps i had a chance to widen the gap, as Dave, who had convincingly won the previous three races struggled to get past Jess in her Pink Venom. As soon as i relaxed slightly i saw him coming up behind me, by about lap 5 he was right in my thrust air behind me, i had to deal with backmarkers and anticipate his next move. We went down the water section side by side for the last two laps but i just managed to keep in front and finally i saw the final lap flag! I just concentrated on keeping my line and nearly lost it at the last hairpin where there was a yellow flag. Finally i could actually do a victory lap!


Looking forward to Southampton at the end of August, will it be the Venoms or the shafties who come out on top at this tight, twisty course?

Thanks to Rebecca at, Roger at and Chris Barr for the pics!

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