Rother Valley June 2017

Another second place overall for the UK championship, with 4x second place finishes, each time with Ricky in front of me. On the Sunday I took the blades back to Beast mode, allowing the engine to rev upto 13K, which got me the lead in race 3 for the first 4 laps. Unfortunately, when Martin flipped on the land section, they closed it and diverted craft around the lake, I had a split second hesitation at this point and ended up behind a back marker allowing Ricky to sneak past.

Apart from before the race, where I had to replace a cracked taperlock on the thrust fan, I didn’t have many repairs to do.

After over 50 races with the Pintail, I decided its time to concentrate on the new Eurocraft if its going to be ready to race in 2018, so reluctantly, I will be putting it up for sale. Especially when it is running as well as it has been in 2017.

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