Paris marathon

I ran the Paris marathon to make sure i had that box ticked before i reach 25.

Thanks for donating to hoveraid if you did, which im sure will be put to good use having talked to a hoveraid pilot. I came in 30,159th with a time of 4:42. I now have much greater respect for people wearing stupid costumes in marathons! Pete

The conditions on the day were ideal, but my foot wasnt in great shape after the last training run i did. I filled up with ibuprofen and the first 9 miles went pretty good, hitting about the pace i needed for 4 hours with some to spare.

At about 9 miles my eyes and throat swelled up a bit like i was having some sort of allergic reaction, possibly to the painkillers, so i walked and slowly jogged a bit and it cleared up.

The final 6 miles i was spent and my foot was very painful so i was walking half a mile then running the next. I can safely say that im not addicted to marathon running as happens to some people, however i will have to do another one slightly better prepared and without an injury so i can smash that 4 hour mark, or even 3:45.

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