My history in workshops

Time again to change workshops (not even my fault this time!). Got me to reminiscing about my past workshops.

My first and best workshop was at big school with everything that could possibly be needed, welding, lathes, mills, woodshop

I rented a space in the corner of the hovercraft museum to build the Peril mould, when I ran out of inspiration I used to wander around the old cross-channel SR.N4s.

The awesome guys at Marine concepts took me in and helped me make my mould and the Yellow Peril.

I went back a few times over the years to lay up some other hulls.

When I went to uni I continued with the ‘if you dont ask you dont get’ mentality. I ended up taking over a corner of the almost abandoned hydraulics lab at Bristol in 2010.

Always returning to my Mum and Dad’s garage in-between workshops.

Probably the worst was during 2013 under a gazebo behind my house in Newbury. Had to build temporary tents and use a fan heater to make most layups go off.

During the F2 build I have even been using workshops in exotic locations like barns in Blackburn.

For most of 2014 I was in an underground carpark in Birmingham. This was proper horror movie stuff including an old abandoned underground ¬†canteen and steps leading to nowhere…

Although it was a damp, dark murderhole that my boss never paid the rent for, it was free to me and I was the only one really using it.

It doesnt show in the pictures but the lighting was crap, not ideal for complex laminating and sealing tricky vacuum bags. It did show things i hadnt seen before, who knew that peel ply lets off some sort of UV glow when you remove it:
Peelply glow
Blue light

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