Moving along with the new craft

First post on the new website, thanks to Chris for doing another amazing job- just upto me to fill it in!

We have been busy, too busy to post anything on here and its only going to get worse as we try to get it ready for the World champs in August!

New shiny duct, Feb '10

Here is a pic of the new duct with carbon guru Guillaume. Its 940mm duct which is slightly larger than the 920mm one used on the yellow craft as the fan arrangement will be slightly different.

It the first attempt at an all carbon-epoxy moulded part and has come out well. Thanks again to Wizz at MCMC for his tips and hints- they also do very reasonable polyester resins and glass cheaper than CFS and Glasplies. Without any kind of stiffening ring its already really stiff and is made using a mixture of unidirectional, biax and triax carbons, with some woven kevlar and diolen.

We also made the structural flow straightener vanes, these are foam cored with carbon skins and came out pretty well- its difficult to see from the picture how they add into the overall structure but should come clear soon.

Some of the first straightener vanes

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  • Comment by Alan — February 23, 2010 @ 12:39 am

    Hey Pete, did ya mum teach Cameron Balloons how to put those really neat little bow tie gussets into the seams on the corners ? I can’t seem to be able to see them on the new skirt, anyway you should qualify for the best dressed hovercraft award this year whatever happens…..

    Looks like this craft has some cancerous lumps under the sides, they look good for rigidity also and I see something similar around the nose too. As a structural member this is looking as though it could really develop into something with multiple purposes in the next edition.

    Good move in developing on Yellow’s potential with stiffer fan and a more sorted hull. +++

    Best of luck with it to you and all your mates helping…


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