More winter fiddling

I normally learn best by doing…Sometimes its not enough to have lots of warning stickers telling you not to do stuff… After scalding my arm i have learnt not to open rad caps when hot.

In other news the new engine is better than expected after a few runs, with higher and more consistent compression readings than the current engine at 150 152 152 150. The low compression in one pot when i bought it must have been down to a stuck ring after a few years in a ditch. Since it appears no expensive fixes will be required, i have been looking for trick race bits to bolt onto the engine like racing alternators etc… Also i have managed to undo 4/8 of the patches of rust that were once exhaust bolts, so getting there.

The hovercraft is now completely disassembled and the hull alone weighed in at 69kg. Its amazing how much all the details add since the bare mouldings and ally edging were only around 40kg! The structural flow straighteners were only about 5kg so im really not sure where it all came from.

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