Laying up the hull

The new hull is being put together in a much different way compared to the 2008 craft. The hull itself may not be drastically lighter but it should be a lot stronger! After failing to find any other crazy bright gelcoats i decided to go with the bright orange they use for lifeboats. The next layer is a ‘skin’ or GRP which is hand laid over the gel. Finally on top of that many pieces of specially carved/ cut/ whittled core pieces are added to the moulding with reinforcements using vacuum bags to hold it all down. Using vac bags was a time consuming process but was definitely worth it. The material still on the bottom of the finished moulding is peel ply which leaves the perfect surface (regular dimpled finish and chemically clean) to bond to and lets you squeegee through resin. I will be using it on most parts i do even without vac bags.

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