Been making some parts for an F50 this winter, nice to work on something simple where you can count the number of wires on your hand unlike the Beast!

When making parts for my F2 I tend to spend endless hours thinking of ways to make it a few grams lighter, nearly always glossing over the fact that it will take a million hours to make and that raw material must be sourced from the fires of Mordor.

When working to a budget and with limited time you tend to end up with stuff thats 80% as good, but only with 20% of the effort. A good example of this is some thrust struts, i just made.

I was noodling about thinking about 3D printed mould for some carbon rod-end brackets:

I was trudging through, sorting out ways of moulding in metal inserts where the bolts go, trying to reduce the amount of trimming you would require then thinking how would you remove it from the mould.

Later you have a daydream where Mr T is shouting: “QUIT YO JIBBA JABBA! STOP SCREWING AROUND WITH SILLY IDEAS LIKE THIS and just make a nice ally bracket like anyone else would…”

And in 20minutes you come up with something infinitely quicker, easier, tougher and actually lighter overall than some ridculous fancy carb0n thing.

KISS Keep It Simple Stupid!

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