Jumped on the 3D printing bandwagon…

One evening in February I found myself driving around Margate having bought a 3D printer from (no joke) a sci-fi enthusiast who had been making lightsabers with it. As I sat there late at night, eating a dirty kebab and with a long drive ahead, I started to wander if my ebay habit was getting out of control.

The printer is a self build kit which you can get from Maplin; http://www.k8200.eu/ . I paid Obi-Wan £450 for it already (reasonably well) built but new the kit is £700 and 3 days fiddly soldering, so i thought it was worth a long drive. It took me a while to learn the trade, and fix a few things (and wreck a few things and have to fix them some more). But i was really surprised how easy it is to get a 3D design from screen to perfectly shaped +/-0.1mm blob of plastic (60% of the time it works everytime).

6 Months later and im glad i got it- I am now changing the way i make my new fan and am creating some of the stuff i had in my head but wasn’t arsed to make complicated moulds for. Also lots of silly stuff like for instance; you know when you bought a cheap router without any attachments?

When I say it is surprisingly easy, I have a major headstart in that my day job is prodding designs on the screen and I have programmed a few types of CNC machine previously, I am still a bit dubious about how soon every home will have their own 3D printer…

But if you are a geek trying to make the perfect fan design its great!

Its pretty mesmerising to watch it making stuff. The problem remains however  that normally its 90% prefect but shits the bed just before finishing a 10 hour print. With printers as they currently are there is no pause button, only play and pray. They are coming on in leaps and bounds though, just look how cool the ‘delta’ type printers are:

Cherry pi III printer test printing a blade component (Cheers Andy)

Here is a handlebar bracket for the F2, this is really just the former which have a structural wrap with carbon.

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