Round 7- Last of the season at Towcester race course

Before Towcester I had time to give the craft a full once over and managed to change the chipped thrust blades for a set of cleaned, balanced blades.

I wanted to get there ready for practice straight away as this was a new course.  The extra time put in was worth it as i managed to get plenty of practice on the new course, the craft lapped up the long lakes and was set up well for the first race.

Pete and Matt Gill let me have a few laps in their F1 number 20 which was something else! Id never experienced acceleration like that before on motorbikes or any other vehicle!

In race 1 started in 3rd on the grid and managed to get away into the lead straight away which was how it stayed all race! Even though i had pulled away from the rest of the field who were battling amongst themselves i still kept on full pace to keep as i had Jamie in the Storm RS in the back of my mind, who had taken away a few 1st places on the last corner before! It didn’t happen this time though!

For the second race i was on pole with Jamie next to me, this was going to be a tight battle, i knew he still had the edge but his engine oiled up on the line and he was left way behind in the field. So i managed to get away in 1st again and turned down the pace for most of this race- no point flipping the craft on the water exit jumps! I came through to win this race as well which was slightly boring not actually racing anyone, but still not complaining with a win! A few times i felt an intermittent bogging and fading problem that felt like it could have been worn bearings which was not good, i thought i might have fixed it so carried on in the open race.

I also went out in the open race at the end of the day which was great fun and i managed to get Dave Polfrey in his fast F2, although he was having problems on the water, just where my craft was loving it.

On the Sunday morning i went to start the engine which did first pull as usual, then stopped dead instantly and felt like it had seized. We checked over the engine and freed it up so it span as normal again. There was no visible problem in the engine so we suspected either dying main engine or transmission bearings. I tried to start it again for the first race in red mist mode but it seized permanently this time. The problem was the transmission block bearing which i planned to check on the Christmas overhaul (bottom of this page) but never did so they had been on the craft the whole time it has run. This meant i couldn’t compete in the Sunday races- so i took out Fran’s spare craft in the last race and had some fun, cheers Fran!

Overall i came 4th for the weekend giving me 3rd Place overall in the UK F3 championship! All in all a great season, cant wait for next years world champs!

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