Hacketts Lake European 2013

Another sunny event with some more tight racing. The new craft is building up a pretty good mileage!

12 Races later and i need to think about better knee protection… Nice but Dim racing entered the 503 and open categories on this 3 day event with a long water course. It was good to race against European drivers who have a reputation for being a bit more ruthless, although I wasnt involved in any close racing with any of them so i cant confirm that.

In the first few races on Saturday I managed to have some close battles with Jimmy and James in 503 and Katrina in Open which was really fun. However as the wind dropped on Sunday and the white horses on the lake laid down, the drivers with finger skirted craft (as opposed to our bag skirted craft) started to get bigger cojones and got going much faster. Since the bag skirt is more stable on rougher water i had been going pretty much flat out from the beginning. My laptimes stayed pretty much the same and most other people gained a few seconds.I had a few fun battles with Clive in the 503 races, but he got me eventually.

But i shouldnt blame my tools, I think I was overdriving and squaring off the corners too much, this is actually the first large water course i have done pretty much since Sweden 2008!

On Monday the wind picked up again and it was heavy going, I even ploughed in a few times, and ‘bag skirts never plough in’! In the final open race everyone was all over the place with the wind including me, sorry to Rupert for a bit of shit driving resulting in me barging him. After that i managed to overtake Katrina only to have her take me just on the finish line, great racing.

Heres a short video from the Double A racing guys, not sure if its Adam or Alan driving:

The only problems with the craft all weekend were a few gashes in the skirt and the engine mounting bolts still refuse to stay tightened, 3rd time lucky with the engine mounting! The great thing about getting all this race-time is how quickly you can develop the craft. With my F3 craft i averaged about 4 races a weekend and it takes more like a whole season to get a reliable machine together at that rate.

Photo credits to Rhiannon Black, Claire Mason and Rebecca Taylor

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