Grez Neuville June 2017

Had an amazing road-trip weekend driving down to Grez (near Le-Mans) including some excellent racing where I came 4th overall. For me this was a real achievement since the rest of the 20 strong F2 field was pretty much the same as at last year worlds champs where I had a mare. Finally I was able to show some of the Europeans how fast the 4-stroke could be.

In the 30degree heat it felt like I had to spend a lot of time repairing the craft between races, probably just me being a pasty Englishman and taking triple the time to do simple tasks… I had to switch back to the old type of lift belt after the new spare didn’t turn up in time and also fitted the long-overdue lift-pulley replacement. The original carbon fibre pulley had worn through its gelcoat to more like a ‘u’ than a ‘v’, so is now replaced with an aluminium faced pulley.

On the Saturday I raced with the Pintail skirt, and changed to a Eurocraft skirt for the Sunday so I could compare on the same course. After cutting out pressures in the fronts, the Euro skirt was much better, especially in the high speed corners. Overall I was much faster with the new skirt, mostly due to improved handling in the corners, so it stays!

In the final F2 race, I had a chance at 3rd place overall for the weekend if I managed to beat Antony in his incredible contra-rotating craft (now running cut down microlight props). And it almost happened, a few laps in, I was running 3rd behind Ricky and Antony when he got the land hairpin wrong and fell out. I went past into second as he got up and ran back to his craft. So I concentrated on making as much ground as possible but the next few laps, Magnus was on my tail trying to get past me. A few laps later, we exited the water on top of each other, and a lot of skirts down my right side were ripped off. After Magnus got past me, it was damage limitation and I was really slowed down by my dragging skirts, some more Swedes got past, and eventually Antony claimed back his third place just before the end. Tough but fun racing!

Thanks to Charlie from All or Nothing Racing, Team GWR and the rest of team GB for being a great road crew. The Anjou club really know how to put on an event with big crowds, great food and even a funfair and fireworks, I will definitely be back!

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