Gang Warily, Southampton- 24-26th Aug 2013

Such a crash free season just doesnt really happen in this sport, so it was only right to have some spectacular stacks this weekend!We missed Claydon house since neither Toby or I could get the craft prepped, we had the skirt off for a new contact strip and a few other bits needed fixing. The contact strip is a line of webbing which is the main wear point to the ground, like the tread on your tyres. Originally we used a different webbing which shredded by the end of the first event, so i got some decent nylon seatbelts from the scrapyard.

So after refitting the skirt by 2am Friday night, I drove to Southampton and was all scrutineered and ready for the first race Saturday. I was having a great race and got into 4th in F2 after a long battle with Alan, but on the penultimate lap i drove over something sharp which ripped up the skirt we had just taken ages fixing. As I went through the last lap board i knew the skirt was ripped pretty badly and thought about going into the pits, but when you’re in race mode you don’t really think straight. So i carried on the last lap and as soon as the craft dropped onto the lake it was uncontrollable and couldn’t carry on. Thanks to George and Dave for helping fix the skirt, which took the rest of Saturday.

On Sunday I had a good race in F2 and was ready to go out in the Open. As usual the start was carnage and you are very close on the first lap. I had the craft directly behind an F1 at the water exit and as he put the power on i was blown away straight into a hedge. I fell out on impact but not far enough to pull the lanyard, so i carried on. The rudders were loose from the crash so i took the craft in.

I got out in the next F2 race and was having fun and gaining places. The race leader, Tony G was coming up behind me so i tried to take a wide line at the lake exit to let him past. I didnt react quick enough when the craft jumped in the air and it did a full flip. I wasnt touched and the craft landed the right way up so i tried to restart but found the engine was seized. Realising one of the blades has broken and the fan frame was bent i had to retire.

The craft was fixed overnight and ready for the first race on Monday morning. I actually finished all four races on Monday, but had to start towards the back of the grid because i had finished so few races that weekend.

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