First event with the 503 Peril: Magnolls farm 2013

After a final push the 503 Peril has was finished and taken to its first event where it completed 10 races! Its not too slow and really fun to drive.

There has been a lack of updates on the final part of the build partially because I was too busy actually building and also becasue I lost my phone/ camera. It came together pretty well in the end, although my boss did notice the steering was hooked up the wrong way while i was showing it off to workmates… Better to swallow my pride there than in the first race I suppose. Thanks to all at AEL for use of the workshop required to fabricate a lot of the metal parts and cutting out the skirt on the CNC cutter.

We managed to get the craft through scrutineering and the float test pretty easily, although the skirt does reuire better drain holes, and the pullstart cord did break in my hands (in front of the chief scrutineer) as i flew off at the end of my float test.

Toby took the craft out for the first 2 races (503 and F2). For the next 2 days of the event I took it out in F2 and Open races. (Not yet allowed out in 503 races). The craft managed 10 races and a few bumps without any major problems. Although there are plenty of small improvements to be done, the craft seems to be exactly what we wanted; a fun and reliable runabout.

As well as the hovercraft working the whole time, it was pretty sunny and there was a good first event turn out- 55 craft I heard, thanks to Charlie and everyone else for putting on an awesome event! A few pics of it moving, and some close-ups:

Picture credits to James Eddy, Claire Mason and my Dad.

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