Fan Blade Progress

Honestly stuff has been happening…It has taken ages trying to develop the moulds for the blade cores, but i have been making progress slowly.

To recap, I want to make my blades as easy to make as possible, and to me that means making them in one process, no fiddly gluing together of skins etc. To do this a closed mould is needed, and for best results you would use infusion as i used for the F2 floor and top deck.- this should fill any voids repeatedly so you get blades of similar weights hopefully (spinning at 2800G just a few grams is a mega difference!)

So i need to make cores to put in the blade which are much lighter than resin, which you would wrap the fibreglass around when you put in the mould. Which is taking longer than i thought… The first idea was to get leading and trailing edges feathercut from blue foam, but I abandoned this since the blades are quite curved. The next thought was to use 2 part PU foam, which the manufacturer promised was used all the time for infusion and would not sponge up resin. So three separate moulds are now required: Leading edge, spar, trailing edge.

I hope there is method in this madness since i have spent almost a million hours upto this point! We will be popping out blades every few hours before long [i hope].

Just to make moulds like this you really need to construct a camber-surface to use as the parting line, which in itself requires a custom code to go through the airfoil section files which make up the blade. (Lucky i used to do this as my day job when designing tidal turbine blades…)

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