F2 Progress

Not much progress so far, real life has been getting in the way, but that will be fixed.

A few things to show though:

Shiny new low-profile sump has arrived from expert builder Mike, who does a lot of sumps for TT bikes so it must be good! The GSXR K6 motor has a good reputation but will still junk itself if theres no oil to suck on- so thats why ive left it upto a pro. And im glad after seeing the amount of TIGing required to make extra volume (apparently i should fill up with the stock amount of oil, even though its a good 4″ shallower than the stock sump. Makes the engine look like a much more compact package without the massive finger pointing out of the bottom.

We have done some initial work on the Pintail moulds, getting them ready for a single infused top deck. Also test pieces for the hull laminates are slowly being made up: im hoping to try using spray paint in the mould instead of gelcoat so ive done some test pieces.

I’ve been decanting rolls of UD carbon for the new hulls from my secret stash, and also been collecting resins, vacuum gear and consumables for the new hulls.

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