Eurocraft hull build Feb 2017

I decided there was much more to come from the big 750 motor, so it was time to build a new machine for the 2018 season using the Eurocraft hull, built at RLG innovations workshop. We set aside a week to build the complete hull, and it was hard work. 12+ hour days laminating, vacuum bagging and trimming. Thanks to Rick for all his efforts, I’m really pleased with how it came out.

The spec. is not quite as exotic as the pintail, which was 100% infused epoxy composite parts. Instead it uses a polyester top deck, keeping everything else such as the duct, floor, and smaller mouldings as vac-bagged carbon Kevlar epoxy parts. Obviously I put unidirectional carbon straps in strategic places, to help support the weight of the 65kg engine under 4G. UD straps along the length of the hull and underneath the engine two pre-laminated girders widthways. These are bullet proof and made the floor so stiff it was very difficult to remove from the newly re-finished mould. Overall the assembled hull weight including aluminium edging, skids and fixings was just below 60kg. This was very similar to the pintail, but overall I am on track for a lower complete weight close to 190kg due to lighter engine frames, and this hull is even stronger than the pintail.

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