CPOP motorsport festival 2013

Hovercraft racing was the star attraction on the lake at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power (Northern version of Goodwood festival of speed).Team nice but Dim completed another 7 races with Tobin in the 503 category and I took on the opens. During the breaks from racing we were treated to flying displays as well as exotic cars and bikes caning it up the hillclimb. Mix in free food, fireworks and decent weather and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing event- same again next year please!

Before we got out racing we installed the 3rd version of the engine mounts with more rubber pads and a brace to the top of the engine to reduce the possibility of fatigueing off any more bolts. The skirt has also lost most of its contact strip now which is slowing it down a lot, especially on water. We tried using polyprop webbing which has turned out about as good as using candyfloss, back to nylon or polyester next time, hopefully we will have a new/ refreshed skirt for Claydon, and hopefully a working adjustable splitter.

Tobin is getting used to the hull pretty quickly and is now only a few seconds slower than me, unfortunately the rudders fell off during his final 503 race. He had some battles with faster Raptors, managing to keep one behind until the last lap of one race!

I had a few good starts, in the third race straight into 1st place, but faster craft got past on the water straights. I had a little racing with Katrina but otherwise had pretty uneventful races. See a video below of a pretty quick craft that starts near the back of the grid in an open race, he gets past me in about the second lap.

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  • Comment by Tobin — June 28, 2013 @ 1:34 am

    This hull and bag skirt are quite different to what I’ve been used to, so it was good to see what’s possible rather than sticking to the same thing all the time. It’s incredibly manouverable, to the point where it’s hard to keep a straight line on the water, getting a lot of snatching at the front which knocks the front left and right.

    I love how lightweight it is though! Only problem is you get blown around by the other craft quite easily, but accelerating and decelerating is super quick. The plenum pop at the front is excellent for accurate low speed manouvering, quickly setting the hull on the ground.

    Overall I’m liking this new craft! Great fun and generally a big toy, much less ‘serious’ than the last craft.

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