Have started assembling the craft, and hope to bring it to it’s first race towards the end of June.

Underneath the seat has been filled with bouyancy foam and the final floor added meaning the hull is ready for skirt fitting, although fuel tanks and the lift gearbox mounting still need to be done.

On the top the mountings for the duct assembly and engine are done, and progress has been made on the handlebars, and other bits.

Zorst routing

Most of the transmission still needs to be made and the duct finished off, but the craft has to be put aside for a few weeks while there are university exams, so the hull is to be sent off to Reg for some shiny new zorsts to go with the Goosey silencers.

I hope to be racing at Towcester in the yellow craft which has been really well prepared by it’s new owner, with new skirt and strengthened hull.

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