Allerton Park European, and Hacketts Lake -May 2017

My first race after the crash at the worlds, I started slowly and used the event to gradually rebuild my mojo. After I had rebuilt the pintail, the thrust blades were set very steep, which kept the revs below 10K (normal is 12-13 and beast mode is upto 14k). In the first race I was lapped by the leaders, Ricky and Antony. By the end of the 3 day event, I reduced the pitch and was keeping in touch with the leading pack, getting some 3rd places in UK national races on the bank holiday Monday, had some really fun racing with George and Wayne. I didn’t complete the second race after I ended up in the trees after a bad start, then had to stop off to clear off leaves. In doing so I found an important nut at the bottom of the craft, so came in slowly to re-install it. Running the lift fan 10% quicker really improved the lift, in fact as I was finding that it was possible to drive the craft slowly… The new setup meant the lift was much more solid at 8000RPM even at higher speeds, which does allow you to ‘coast’ into high speed corners with much more confidence than in the previous season.

Hacketts Lake May 2017

Second event of the season was another 3 day event near Nottingham. Overall I did much better than in 2016 where I went swimming twice and almost sunk the craft… I came second overall in 6 races and hassled Ricky off starts a few times off the start, however he always got me first or second lap. The craft was still being held back by an over pitched fan, and I was tentative down the water straight. The craft didn’t need much attention; I think my socket set stayed in the car all weekend. I had one instance of the belt falling off just after I crossed the finish line, but this was due to the new cogged vee belt getting looser- being the first time I have tried this type of belt, I didn’t know how many races it would last. Overall the BX195 cogged v belt appears to last approx. 12 races, as opposed to the normal B195 belts 6, and is approximately 2x the price at £45.

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