Allerton Park 2016

Another third in UK championship in spite of many problems!
Photo credits mostly to Tim and Rebecca and some to Clive Mason
After first practice the craft needed an engine frame welding up as well as loosing many skirts and having water and oil leaks. And the first 4/7 races were hard after wrecking skirts constantly on the transitions. The weather was also quite crap, each race start felt like the beginning of a massive battle in Lord of the Rings or something.
Throughout the weekend everything was gradually improved including fitting the drag flap for the cross bag, and putting some rear segments in place of the sides that were been mullered and ripped up every time. Thanks to Keith for his beautiful welding and brazing work on my engine frame which was sorted quickly in time for the first race!
I did have one unplanned swim at high speed on the water straight. Apparently it looked good but no footage as of yet- all i remember thinking was ‘keep under till they go past!’ as i was skimming across the top of the water… I managed to climb back in and restart, but it was too swamped to hover again so i had to slowly boat to the side- if you try to rev to blow out the water, the thrust fan pushes the nose under and almost sinks you worse!
In spite of this the craft managed to get points in every race, one time even stopping at the side of the course to fix a few skirts (thanks for holding up the heavy craft Claire!) In one race the craft was going great in third place or so, and just at the fastest point on the course i realised the steering had snapped so i had to carefully scrub off speed and coast around the lake and took the chequered flag a while later with no steering.
One quite exciting start had a massive pile up going onto the water and i ran into George who had spun out right in front of me. We had to fix the lift guard and skirts ASAP to get out in the re-run. Thanks to Dad for help in the pits and putting up with my red mist in these situations!
I ended up 4th in the European event, feeling battered and bruised and not looking forward to more racing!
On the bank holiday Monday we had 2 more UK races, and I got my mojo back on i think due to the lighter winds and managed to get second in the first race- even keeping in touch with Justin for most of the race. For the final race the wind was back and I was even warned on the grid about high winds on the straight. Sure enough, everyone ploughed on the first lap, myself worse than others ending up hitting the bank and in last place by the end of lap 1. I had a really fun race playing catch-up, getting past Jamie and Conrad was some really close racing and these guys are not easy to get past! I only got Jamie a few turns from the finish getting third in the end, which is where i placed overall for the weekend.
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