Allerton Park 2015- 1st Outing for F2

1st outing for F2 was a pretty successful- even saw a last lap board!  After frantically building, fixing and developing for months, I finally put the skirt on and drove up to yorkshire.

I had already been banned from making hovercraft noise at the workshop due to a nimby in the woods nearby so it had been difficult to get much testing time in the week before.

Thanks to help from my Dad, Darren and others we had the craft signed off and ready to float test in the paddock break. Always a bit scary waiting to drop onto the water for the first time especially in a craft that had at least 50kg on any of my previous creations! It was actually fine and flew off perfectly trimmed (which lead me into a false sense of security… It flew level with the rear chipbags all full of water…)

So we got it onto the grid of the 1st F2 race, ready to take it easy, wait for everyone to lead off and then to chill out behind them… I forgot about that when the lights went off as usual, but luckily the craft only lasted until going onto the lake where the lift belt fell off and I air-boated halfway along the lake.

And back to fixing things again… We put more springs/ bungee cords on the tensioner and also constrained it so it could only move how it was supposed to and not move side to side, good idea Rup!

The first race on Sunday was more successful, I actually did wait until the pack went and flew around slowly at the back. The craft was useless on water, constantly ploughing in and creating a bow wave. On land everything seemed well and the craft was easy to control and had some serious power when i used the throttle! I was planning to come in after 4 laps max since i still have a temporary small fuel tank, but i saw the last lap board and stayed out for one more. Unfortunately this time the lift fan was getting more and more unhappy, so much water was splashing that I could see a ring of water hovering above the fan, so stopped near the water exit and waited for people to finish before i planned to drive out. As i was doing this the lift fan looked very low in the duct and stopped dead very suddenly. The fan had fallen off its taperlock. Thanks again to the marshalls for pulling the beast up the bank!

Back on the second recovery trailer of shame, and fixing the lift fan so it is the last thing to fall off, as well as openign up all of the front skirt feed holes to help with front end lift. And hopefully time to fit the crossbag expertly crafted by Mick.

All in all a great weekend, bring on Towcester!

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