503 Peril Hull lamination

As we are getting ready to infuse a few superlight epoxy Pintail hulls, its easy to forget why we want to get away from hand laminating. Theres always the risk with infusion that you can junk all your resin and carbon fibre, and the expensive consumables, so why bother?

So here some pictures of the 503 Peril we built summer 2012 (thanks to Hannah for the pics).

As you can see from the pics it was light when we started, i think we finished near daybreak! Between 4 of us, it took about 12 hours, so 48 man hours. In fact the resin in the first layers was going off as we were getting the vacuum on, hence the imperfect finish on the 503 Peril (hopefully will have paint in 2014!)

(This represents the laminating time only: the mould was ready to go, the vaccum bag was pre-made and all the foam inserts and a lot of pieces of cloth had been pre-shaped and cut).

Basically, I dont got time fo that shit now im not a student, and my laminating shop is 120miles away, and my team mates are on rigs in the North sea or assembling wind turbines in Hartlepool.

The hope is that with infusion you can lay all the cloth and bits of foam down dry, with no rush- you can come back to it and continue next weekend. Then you aren’t racing against the clock when sealing the vacuum bag and checking for leaks, also its easier to seal because there is no sticky resin getting on the vac bag and sealing tape. And then you just suck in the resin and go to the pub.

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