503 Peril Easter progress

Assembling the thrust frame on the hull and making the splitter box.

To be racing at Peaches proper progress needed to be made on the craft, and despite arctic conditions it has! As well as the many details like handles, tow rope and steering, the engine and thrust frame have been mated together.

Next the splitter-box to deflect air underneath the hull has been laminated. When a cable is fitted the plan is that it will be able to deflect from 20% swept area adjustable down to 10%. Although im not sure a bag skirt will let me do handbrake turns like the guys with finger skirts…

First a plug was hot-wired out of blue foam using wood tempates. After sanding to shape and covering in parcel tape the actual thing was laminated on. I had to erect a makeshift tent over the rear of the craft to actually get the resin to wet out the fabric (even an infusion resin is like treacle at 2degreesC…).

Finally the stiffening ring around the duct has been laminated on.

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  • Comment by JST — April 29, 2013 @ 10:07 am

    have you had the skirt on and tested yet?!

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