503 Peril build progress

All the stuff under the hull

There’s been lots of activity going on on the first integrated Peril, ive had most of the major components built for a while but its taking a long time to get them all together. The floor is the last thing to get laminated onto the hull after ballast/ fuel tanks, steering and other bits are built into the bottom of the hull. Afew pictures showing it progressing:

First as is came out of the mould

Next cutting foam for the front bulkheads, and making room for all of the other bits

Some detail of the support for the steering bracket which is the handlebar tube from a bike. The hoses are for the ballast tanks and the fuel cap pokes through the oval hole when its in.

And finally just before the floor is laminated on

Also something to put on the bottom of the craft would be good, that bits in progress. Thanks to my boss for letting me cut it out on our Prepreg cutter at work. Marked and cut out all the pannels and detail bits (including holes) in about half an hour…

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