June Build progress

Have been hard at work on the new hover for the last week but its unlikely to be done for Rother Valley in Sheffield, which is a shame as its one of the courses i still havn’t raced before. My bag skirt would love the long water straight…

Heres some of the progress so far:

Thrust axle and supporting structure has been fabricated- made from a machined EN6 steel axle and 8 lasercut plates welded together, weighing 1.8kg:

This has then been surface prepped and bonded into position in the centre of the duct with an accurate belt centres jig (only one chance to get this right!) Each stator vane end is strapped to one of the fabricated L-sections on the axle fabrication with a carbon wrap. The wraps are then compressed by covering with release and tightly binding with tape (breather cloth underneath to ensure even pressure applied all over):

Engine electrics, fuel and cooling systems are mostly ready:

Engine electrics, fuel and cooling systems are mostly ready:

Home stretch now, and then got to be ready to fix the things that dont work when i try it out…

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