1st Race of 2009- Magnoll’s farm near Manchester 3rd Overall!

This course is famed for its weather after being abandoned due to high winds last season and there was a fair breeze this year.

There is a straight going up the hill and coming back down which are both easy places to get the craft flying depending on the wind… Theres also a tight hairpin at the first corner which is normally carnage!

In spite of all the preparation done before the season i nearly missed the first race due to problems sorting out the new engine. It was ‘ready’ when the 10minute board went up and i started on the back of the grid having missed practice. After some tussles with some people i managed to get into 2nd place behind Phil Hall (a lot of people having already dropped out on the 1st lap. I went very tight into the hairpin and hit the tyres, falling out of my craft left holding only my handlebar-grip! There was a free course and i jumped back in and restarted, but when it did it was stuck on full throttle and it powered away leaving me kind of surfing before i got back to the handlebars! I managed to get back into 2nd and finished there having some good racing with Chris for a few laps.


R2 on Sunday i was in 2nd spot on the grid but got out-dragged off the line by Tony and Rick, after a bad 1st corner i was sandwiched by Chris and Phil on the water, seeing water coming up through the lift fan! Coming from 6th i managed to get back upto 3rd which is where i finished. An eventful race!
R3 i managed to get into 2nd on the 1st lap after a fairly good start and giving Rick a ‘racing nudge’ on the water entrance
R4 was disappointing as after a fairly bad start i was putting in good laptimes and in 3rd place gaining on Tony and Rick who were battling each other but a small electrical box died and left me without power- which means no fuel. I manually primed and restarted the craft so i could go round the start-finish 1 more time to get enough laps to get points, then got trailered back to the pits.
R5 the last race of the weekend i finally got a good start having held back slightly so that i was unbothered going round the hairpin, going past into 3rd place, i was running in 2nd for a few laps but caught a gust coming down the hill and got out of shape sideways. This let 3 and 4 through, i managed to take back 3rd but couldn’t catch Tony… again… Having got back into the pits i noticed the rudder had nearly unbolted itself which explained some difficulties i had had turning!


It was a good first weekend with an overall podium in spite of being out-dragged off the start in most races. I still had good race pace though, getting fastest laps in a few races. Either we haven’t really dialed the new engine in yet or the old one (which has been sold!) was better!

The next event will be at the same venue, with the course run backwards Peaches Pad near Manchester on the 23-25th May. I will only be able to make the first few days as i am in the middle of exams. To stream live video and commentary of the racing go to Keith Oakley’s site

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